November AT



Thankful for Puppies





We're doing it again, y'all!

From November 1st-November 23rd(thanksgiving) we will be collecting supplies/donations for Austin Animal Center!

We will be collecting:

• Dog/cat treats

• Canned/dry food

• Washable, durable pet toys

• Bedding - blankets (no comforters, electric blankets, or sheets)

• Newspaper

• New and gently used dog houses

• New and gently used collars, harnesses and leashes

• New or gently used carriers and crates

• Cages or habitats for small or exotic pets

Donations will be collected in the lobby at the collection box by the front desk!

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You Asked We Listened


Eleiko IPF Competition Combo Rack

Earlier in October we asked our community on Instagram what piece of equipment they would like to see added to our gym. We received an overwhelming amount of votes for an Eleiko combo rack! Keep an eye out for its arrival!