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You have many choices for a gym membership in the Austin area. However, Big Tex Gym cultivates an environment that is unlike any other. We stand out from the crowd because we are dedicated to the people who enroll in our memberships. Here, you’re not just a customer, but a highly driven individual who is committed to accomplishing a big goal. Here’s how our membership stands out.



At Big Tex Gym, we understand that your budget matters. Everyone operates with a different budget in mind. Someone’s financial situation should not stop them from achieving their fitness goals. We hope that our ...

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Your fitness goals are important. Every fitness gain you make is a testament to your health and wellbeing. Becoming proactive in your everyday fitness routines is the first step towards success, ultimately leading you towards achieving your best body. Your gym should reflect your determination, as well as your resilience, as you consistently reach new levels of fitness without being in an environment that is overwhelming. Big Tex Gym does just that.


Everyone’s Gym

Big Tex Gym is for everyone, regardless of any factors that you think might make you stand out. We want you to know that everyone can achieve their best body with commitment ...

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