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"The single greatest gym I've ever been to in my life. Every kind of equipment you could possible want. It's a great atmosphere, everyone is friendly and will offer a spot or advice at the drop of a hat including the owner. The walls are lined with pictures of the pros who have visited. You pick the music."

Wesley M.,

"If you're looking for the TLDR version, this is a great gym with a very "neighborhood" vibe. The staff is friendly and actually concerned about your experience. The place is clean and you'll often see any one of the owners walking around cleaning, moping, vacuuming and and racking weights. music is always playing and it may not be to your taste, but it isn't so loud that you can't use your own earphones. As for atmosphere and members, this place will be the opposite of a Planet Fitness. It's more of a hardcore gym for people that are actually looking to get results. There's enough cardio equipment for the average meathead or gym bunny and plenty of weights, racks and benches."

Chandler s.,

"Best Gym Ever! No B.S. if your looking to GROW and Change your body, this is it! Cold Filtered Water Provided, They let you use their Fridge to keep shakes cold, And they provide towels! All at an amazing Value! You can slam the weights and THEY provide Grip Lifting Chalk Soo awesome! Oh and you can walk outside and flip over Tires and do Long distance Lunges"

Pierre m.,

"Okay so I took my time before writing a review. I have been a member for about 6 months, and have used this gym primarily during afternoon hours.Very open during this time. If you are about getting stronger then this gym is absolutely where you want to be. Plenty of weight, 5 or 6 different places to squat, myriad of bars and all the equipment you need for heavy lifts if you aren't quite in the place you want to invest in your own belt, straps, and wraps yet. They will NEVER push product on you, but the trainers are all incredibly knowledgeable and kind. The veteran discount is a really nice perk, but I would 100% pay full price for a membership without thinking twice. It ain't the prettiest, but you can't help but feel like getting in a heavy lift when you walk in. Try it. I am certain if you are about strength gains or size you will love this gym."

john p.,

"This place is AWESOME I recently started going here after leaving my old gym. I still haven't gotten a membership, I usually just pay the $5 for the day but it is worth it. They have sooooo many barbells and equipment to chose from. I especially like it when they pop the garage doors open, then you REALLY start breaking a sweat. Definitely the place you wanna be at if you trying to make some serious gainz."


"This place is a Hardcore Gym with that friendly neighborhoody vibe that everyone likes. There are some new owners and have defiantly made some changes for the better. I was a member months ago and came back to see what the new guys changed. I signed back up right away."

scott b.

"The best 24 hour gym in Austin. Amazing selection of equipment, fun people, great staff and owners that really care about their members. $5 for a day pass is amazing. Definitely would recommend."


john bendfeldt.